Planning Objections

Details of objections submitted on planning applications

These are the planning applications to which Wickersley Parish Council has objected.
Each record shows the date on which the objections were submitted to Rotherham Borough Council and the reasons for the objections.

Acting on behalf of parishioners, Wickersley Parish Council takes great care to review ALL Planning applications. When the decision is made to raise an objection considerable work goes into formulating the objection - ensuring the objections are based on 'material considerations' and taking account of the recently approved 'Cumulative Impact Zone' (CIZ) for Wickersley.


68 Cutlers Walk - Application to undertake works to TPO'd trees

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 21 July 2021

Wickersley Parish Council wishes to raise concerns about the proposed reduction in the height of these trees by 50%. These poplar trees are clearly visible from public vantage points and a number of properties within this new estate. The reduction in their height by up to 50% will result in the trees no longer being visible above the height of the properties in Cutlers Walk and their amenity value within the street scene will be lost. The applicant would have been fully aware of the presence of the trees and their shading effect when the property was recently purchased. It is therefore suggested that height reduction be more limited so that the trees are still visible from Cutlers Walk or that they are thinned to reduce the level of shading experienced.


1 Morthen View - Erection of 2No. ancillary outbuildings to rear garden, erection of boundary wall and extension to existing entrance fencing

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 21 July 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the removal of the existing hedging along the boundary with Morthen Road and its replacement with brick walling and fencing. This would create a hard landscape feature within an otherwise soft boundary of hedging to the north and south of this property within a semi-rural location adjacent to the Green Belt.

The PC wishes to see this application amended to retain the hedge in its entirety and will require the relocation of one of the outbuildings to accommodate this.


8 Spruce Avenue - Demolition of existing garage and erection of two storey side extension & detached single garage

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 23 June 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the relocation of the garage in the front garden area of this property as it will represent an obtrusive feature which is not in keeping with the street scene.


7 Patterdale Grove - Application to undertake works to a tree(s) protected by RMBC TPO No. 10, 2010

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 23 June 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the removal of protected trees unless it can be demonstrated that they pose a safety risk or are in poor health and have little amenity value. This application should therefore be accompanied by an arboricultural report to justify the grounds for its removal on safety grounds as put forward by the applicants.


71 Goose Lane - Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of single dwelling

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 23 June 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to this application on the grounds that the height and bulk of the proposed two and a half story dwelling will be out of keeping with the immediate vicinity, which primarily comprises bungalows and dormer bungalows, and result in an overly dominant development which creates a discordant feature in the street scene. Furthermore, the proposed development will result in the loss of a number of boundary trees which make a significant amenity contribution to the street scene.

The Parish Council would also like to point out that there is a significant discrepancy between the site plan and the plans shown in the arboricultural report. The proposed dwelling is shown located further back into the site within the arboricultural report and also shows a larger dwelling. If the correct location is that shown on the site plan then the impact on the trees will be different to that specified in the arboricultural report.


284 Bawtry Road - Use of land as outdoor seating area

Wickersley Parish Council additional comments submitted on 20 May 2021, following receipt of noise assessment report

Following the submission of the Noise Assessment the Parish Council wishes to maintain its objection to this application. This noise report is flawed as it is based on a theoretical assessment rather than on readings taken when the outdoor seating area was in use. It assumes a certain level of noise from 36 patrons dining in the outdoor eating area with half speaking simultaneously at normal speaking level. However, it does not take account that many of these patrons will have been drinking and that the noise associated with licensed premises is often from raised excited voices, laughter, shouting, shrieking etc. It is therefore not possible to model the expected noise levels against the measured ambient and background noise levels mainly associated with traffic noise from Morthen and Bawtry Roads.

Furthermore, the baseline noise survey was taken from a single monitoring position to the rear of No 3 Morthen Road. That is likely to produce higher background readings to that experienced within the rear garden areas of the nearest properties because they are screened by high boundary walls and the dwellings themselves which would reduce the noise from traffic. However, a noise source from the seating area located so close to rear garden areas would more easily be heard by residents trying to enjoy their garden areas or the inside of their homes with windows open in the summer. The noise and nuisance experienced by local residents when the seating area was used without consent last summer is clearly demonstrated by the objections raised to this application citing noise problems during the afternoons and evenings, during weekends in particular. Furthermore, if planning consent is granted it would encourage the wider grassy area to be used for outdoor drinking, further adding to noise problems from patrons in the seated area.

It is also relevant to note that, licensing regulations have been relaxed to take account of the Covid situation and premises such as this that only have a licence for sale of alcohol on the premises as in this case, can temporarily sell alcohol for consumption off the premises. This temporary relaxation will last until at least September and may be extended for a further year. If planning permission is granted for 'W' to use this outside area then they would be able to sell alcohol for drinking in that outside area without any variation to their existing licence, which would otherwise be considered in the context of the Cumulative Impact policy that applies to the whole of Wickersley in recognition of the issues caused through the number of licensed premises within Wickersley centre.


Land rear of Thornfield, Lings Lane - Demolition of existing garage, formation of new access and erection of 4 No. dwellinghouses

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 22 April 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the development for a number of reasons, as follows:

  • Lings Lane comprises a mix of dwelling types from detached to small historic terraced cottages. The proposed backland development would be out of keeping with the area by virtue of the size, scale and density of the housing and lack of opportunity for landscaping, which is a characteristic feature of this part of Wickersley. As such the development would be in conflict with policy SP12 of the Rotherham Local Plan.
  • The development would be visually intrusive as seen from the cottages to the west of the site contrary to policy SP12 of the Rotherham Local Plan.
  • The development would involve the removal of all trees and vegetation within the site as well as loss of trees on the Lings Lane frontage to make provision for the access. The frontage trees make a valuable contribution to the street scene and the lack of landscaping within the development site to soften the development will result in a stark urban form out of keeping with this area.
  • The access to the site will be located in very close proximity to two existing properties causing unacceptable disturbance from vehicular movements associated with the 4 new dwellings.


5 Aldam Chase - Application to undertake works to a tree(s) protected by TPO No.7 (2008)

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 22 April 2021

Wickersley Parish Council object to the felling of these two trees which have amenity value and can be seen from Morthen Road. They appear to be healthy trees and there is no justifiable basis for their removal.


65 Moorlands - Single storey front and rear extensions, first floor extensions, new pitched roof with front dormer to create rooms in the roofspace

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 19 March 2021

Wickersley PC objects to this application on the grounds that the creation of a large two storey property in this location would create an overly dominant and discordant building in relation to the adjacent dwellings both of which comprise single storey bungalows. The scale and height of the building would therefore be out of character with this particular part of Moorlands.


1 Goose Lane - Erection of a detached garage

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 19 March 2021

Wickersley PC consider that the garage would be visually intrusive in the street scene given its location in front of the building line of properties on Goose Lane. The garage would be located in a very prominent position and would obscure the Goose Lane vista as seen from Bawtry Road and be seen as an incongruous feature which is out of keeping with the area.


129 Bawtry Road Wickersley - Change of Use to drinking establishment (Use Class Sui Generis) with decking area to front for seating pods

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted 12 February 2021

RB2016/1286 (Appeal)

Mason's Arms Public House - Application to remove condition 4 (no external music to be played)

Wickersley Parish Council reaffirmed its objection on 19 January 2021.


6, Holly Mount, - two storey and single storey front and side extension and erection of a detached garage/gym to rear.

Wickersley Parish Council Objection Submitted on 19 January 2021

Wickersley Parish Council objects to this application on the grounds that the scale and design of the extensions are inappropriate for and out of keeping with this area . Furthermore, it is located far too close to properties in Dene Close and the sun terrace will overlook the rooms and gardens of those properties as well as resulting in noise nuisance. The two story garage and gym is also located very close to the rear boundary of No 2, Beacon Close resulting in unacceptable overshadowing of the rear garden area and an unacceptable outlook.


240 Bawtry Road - Change of Use

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted on 16 December 2020

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the change of use of this property to a hot food takeaway because it is located within the Primary Shopping Frontage identified in the Rotherham Local Plan where both policy SP20 and 22 seeks to restrict such uses to other parts of the district centre outside of the primary frontage.

The applicant maintains that policy SP20 is outdated and no longer applicable due to the recent changes in the use classes order which introduces a new E class to cover many town centre uses including the old A2 and A3 uses which policy SP20 also seeks to limit in terms of the percentage acceptable within primary frontages. However, that does not invalidate the overall thrust of the policy to permit only certain town centre uses within the primary frontages and to direct the sui generis drinking establishments and hot food takeaways to the more peripheral parts of the centre so as not to undermine the retail attraction of the centre. There are opportunities for hot food takeaways to locate outside of the primary shopping area without further undermining the attractiveness of the Tanyard as a shopping location. Indeed, this particular proposal does not expect much trade from customers actually visiting the premises and therefore it would not add to the range of services being offered to users of Wickersley centre.

It is also relevant that the Council has a policy in its SPD on Equal and Healthy Communities to resist hot food takeaways that are located within 800 metres of schools due to the evidence of a link between such establishments and health concerns such as obesity. The application premises are located less than 800 metres from both Wickersley High School and St Albans Primary School. Whilst the SPD policy permits an exception where the premises are within a District Centre as in this case, it is nevertheless of concern that a further hot food takeaway will be within walking distance of 2 schools to add to the 5 that already exist in Wickersley Centre plus planning consent for a further such use at 186, Bawtry Road (formerly Healey's)

There is also concern at cars stopping and parking outside these premises at a point where there is restricted width causing congestion and backing up of traffic. Whilst there are double yellow lines outside the premises, this does not prevent this occurring outside the adjacent Pizza take away and a further take away in this location would exacerbate this issue.


284, Bawtry Road - Use of land as outdoor seating area

Wickersley Parish Council objection submitted on 4 November 2020

Wickersley Parish Council objects to this application on the grounds that it has already led to noise nuisance being experienced by the nearby residential properties since the area began to be used by the restaurant during the summer months. This restaurant, which is located in a primarily residential are, has recently been extended. At the time of that planning application the Parish Council and local residents expressed concern that it could lead to the grassed area being used as outdoor seating in association with the restaurant. In response, the applicant amended the application to remove bi-fold doors in the elevation facing the green and specifically confirmed to the planning officer that there was no intention of utilising that area as an outdoor eating area. Yet as soon as lockdown restrictions were lifted and the restaurant could reopen, the applicants broke that commitment and laid out a seating area which is now the subject of this retrospective application.

The restaurant already benefits from an outdoor seating area at the front of the restaurant and a conservatory area with a retractable roof. There is no justification to also use the land in question for outdoor seating given its location so close to residential property and the normal late opening of the restaurant which will inevitably lead to noise nuisance at unsocial hours.

We would also point out that, in recognition of the issues being experienced by Wickersley due to the concentration of licensed premises, the whole of Wickersley is now designated as a Cumulative Impact Zone which seeks to restrict further licenses within the area. It would therefore be inappropriate to permit any further planning consents, such as this, that would lead to additional noise nuisance being experienced by local residents in an area which already suffers from significant late-night disturbance which the Council is seeking to control.

Individual Objections to RB2020/1629

Mrs B McNeely

Mr N Judah

Mr A Bates

Mrs P Beighton

Mr P Thirlwall

Miss E Boswell

Mr A Gibson

RB2020/1284 4, Oaklands, Wickersley - Application for works to 3 TPO'd trees

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 21st September 2020

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the removal of the protected beech tree as appears to be of good quality and has significant amenity value as seen from Oaklands and Almond Glade. Indeed the neighbour has objected to the removal on the grounds that it is of value to them. No evidence has been submitted to suggest that the tree is causing any real issues for the property and unless such evidence is put forward it is considered that it should be retained and perhaps pruned as an alternative measure.

RB2020/1350 Land to rear of 46-50 Goose Lane - Erection of 2 dwellings with integral garages and widening of the existing access

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 21st September 2020

Wickersley Parish Council object to this development on the following grounds,

  1. The scale of the proposed dwellings is inappropriate for this backland development and will be overly dominant with regard to neighbouring properties on Goose Lane a number of which are bungalows.
  2. The proposed dwellings will overlook the rear gardens of a number of properties and cause significant loss of amenity and privacy to the occupants of those properties.
  3. The access to three properties will run directly alongside properties on Goose lane leading to unacceptable noise and disturbance to the occupants.
  4. The proposal involves loss of parking provision for No 46, Goose Lane with no indication of how this will be replaced without adding to on street parking and thus increasing existing congestion on Goose Lane
  5. The access onto Goose lane has inadequate pedestrian visibility due to the high boundary fencing around No 42, Goose lane. The additional traffic from two new dwellings will result in a danger to pedestrian safety

RB2020/0847 89 Green Lane, Wickersley - Demolition of garage and erection of new detached garage

Wickersley Parish Council submitted comments on 27th August 2020

Wickersley Parish Council wishes to point out that the application seeks consent for a detached garage only, whereas the submitted plans also show part of the building being used as a hairdressing salon. The description of development should therefore be amended accordingly.

The Parish Council wishes to raise objection to such a business use as no provision is shown for customer parking in a residential road, which is already congested with on street parking. Furthermore, this business activity could lead to disturbance and loss of amenity to neighbouring residential properties.

RB2020/1246 Merton Cottage, Woodland Close, Wickersley - Application to undertake works to a tree(s) protected by RMBC TPO No 07, 1977

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted 27th August 2020

Wickersley Parish Council wishes to raise an objection to the felling of these two trees, both of which are substantial specimens which have important amenity value. The reasons given for their proposed removal do not appear to be sufficient to justify the loss of these important specimens which make an important contribution to the streetscape.

RB2020/1051 Seasons 151-153 Bawtry Road, Wickersley. Change of use of first floor to restaurant (use class A3) and erection of two storey side extension

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 21st August 2020

Wickersley Parish Council objects to the change of use of the first floor of the premises to a restaurant use on the grounds that it would unacceptably add to the existing public nuisance already caused by the many A3 and A4 premises within Wickersley centre by reason of late night noise and disturbance, anti-social and drunken behaviour which particularly impacts on nearby residential areas.

The area has recently been made the subject of a Cumulative Impact Zone under licensing regulations in recognition that Wickersley has reached saturation point with regards to the number of licensed premises with negative impacts on the residential population caused by excessive drinking , late night noise and disturbance, litter, broken glass, higher crime associated with the night time economy and anti-social behaviour impacting in particular on the higher than average elderly population in Wickersley. Many of these issues are planning as well as licensing considerations.

It is acknowledged that the ground floor of the premises already has planning permission for use as a restaurant but this application would significantly increase the number of covers to 62 in total as evidenced in the recent licensing application as well as the proposed use of the outside of the premises to the front of the building and in the open courtyard area to the side. This has the potential to significantly intensify the use of the premises and lead to larger numbers of people leaving the restaurant late at night causing noise and other disturbance to nearby residents. In addition, there is no parking provision associated with these premises and there is already an acknowledged parking issue in Wickersley with more and more vehicles being parked in surrounding residential streets especially in the evenings due to the number of eating and drinking establishments.

It is therefore considered that this application should be refused on the grounds that it would unacceptably add to the cumulative adverse effect of A3 and A4 uses within Wickersley Centre through noise, disturbance and anti-social behaviour. This adversely affects the amenity of local residents especially at unsocial hours. Furthermore, the use will further exacerbate the shortfall of parking provision within Wickersley Centre leading to further unacceptable parking in surrounding residential streets.

In addition to the objection by Wickersley Parish Council, the following councillors object individually:

P Thirlwall

N Judah

P Beighton

E Boswell

S Horsfield

B McNeely

A Bates

RB2020/0890 7, Lings Lane - Erection of a bungalow with rooms in roofspace

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 21st August 2020

This application is located in the side garden of an existing semi detached property for which there is a separate application for a two storey and single storey rear extension (application RB2020/0889). The development of the whole side garden area , together with the proposed extension, would leave the existing property with very little amenity space and would be below the 60 sq m required for a three bedroomed property . Furthermore, there is no off-street parking provision shown for either property which would lead to on street parking in an already congested street. This does not meet RMBC requirements. Wickersley Parish Council wish to object to the application on that basis.

RB2020/1015 Land adjacent 2, Oaklands, Wickersley - Erection of 1 dwellinghouse.

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 21st August 2020

This application site contains a number of mature tress which are subject to TPO's. A previous application was refused in 2018 and dismissed at appeal on the grounds of negative impact on the health and structural safety of the protected trees through the need to excessively manage their size and shape to provide sufficient clearance of the building to provide access to minimum levels of sunlight. It was feared this would lead to increased pressure on the trees to be either heavily pruned or felled which would lead to a reduction of amenity.

The current application improves on the refused application by designing it so that most habitable rooms are oriented to face away from the trees . However, the house will still be surrounded on three sides by trees which will overshadow the property and could still lead to pressure to remove or heavily prune them in the future. Wickersley Parish Council consider that this application should therefore only be approved if the Borough Council's tree officer considers these concerns can be satisfactorily addressed.

RB2020/0507 33, Bawtry Road Demolition of garage, partial demolition of front and rear elevations and erection of two story front, side and rear extensions, creation of rooms in the roof space including dormer windows to front and rooflights to side and rear.

Wickersley Parish Council comments submitted on 29 April 2020

The proposed extensions and alterations to the dwelling are of an inappropriate scale, mass and height in relation to the surrounding area and will create a building of excessive size which will be overbearing in relation to its neighbours and out of character with the area. The scale of the proposed development is not materially different to that refused in 2018 and dismissed on appeal. The Parish Council sees no reason why this application should be treated any differently to that previously proposed on this site

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