Statement re Wickersley Wood 29/03/21 from Cllr Mark Scott

Statement re Wickersley Woods from Cllr Mark Scott, Chair of Wickersley Parish Council Woodlands Committee

The Parish Council have received a number of queries recently about various items being left in Wickersley Woods. In particular there has been an increase in fairy related items, including what has been termed a grotto.

The woods are an important resource for all local residents and also support a variety of wildlife. The Parish Council wants the local community to enjoy the resource but also to have as little impact as possible. Leaving items made of plastic in particular, but also some other materials, does have a negative impact. It poses a risk to wildlife, but also to family dogs being exercised in the woods who may ingest the items or injure themselves on them. Using small nails/pins to attach items to trees also runs the risk of injuring wildlife or pets. In addition, it alters the balance of what is a managed natural space in an urban area.

These concerns were discussed at a meeting of the Parish Woodlands Committee on 23 March 2021 and it was resolved that we reiterate the expectation that people should not leave items in the woods except with the express consent of the Parish Council. This would normally be for organised events and with the condition that any items are removed after an agreed time.

Accordingly, we will seek to remove any such items that are in the woods as part of our regular litter picking. This will begin after the Easter weekend in order to allow those who have placed items to retrieve them should they wish. Any items placed in the woods without prior consent after this time will be removed.

Cllr Mark Scott

Chair of Wickersley Parish Council Woodlands Committee

Posted: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 19:47 by Parish Admin

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