Neighbourhood Plan


In September 2017 Wickersley Parish Council decided to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the entire civic parish area. Wickersley is a popular place to live, work and visit and, as a result is subject to considerable pressures for new housing development and changes to the village centre. Therefore, it was considered important for the local community to have the opportunity to produce a plan that would help ensure that Wickersley develops in the future in a way that reflects the aspirations of local people and the particular characteristics of Wickersley.

The Neighbourhood Plan has to comply with national planning guidance and the Rotherham Local Plan. This means that it cannot determine the amount of housing to be built in Wickersley. However, it can influence the type, design, style and size of housing that Wickersley receives so that it responds to the needs of local people. It can also influence the mix of uses in the village centre and cover issues such as heritage, open spaces, community facilities and local economic development. In this way, it will ensure that the particular needs and character of Wickersley are respected.

The Neighbourhood Plan has to be taken into account when planning applications are considered by Rotherham MBC so it will be an important document.

While the Parish Council will have overall responsibility for producing the plan, it is very important that it reflects the views and aspirations of the whole community, and a Steering Group was set up to oversee preparation and development of the plan. This includes community representatives as well as Parish Councillors. A planning and design consultancy, Integreat Plus has also been appointed to provide expert help, and government grants have been received to pay for this.


A Draft Neighbourhood Plan (also called the pre-submission draft) was published in December 2020 and was the subject of consultation for an 8 week period with local residents and businesses, statutory consultees, local landowners, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC), as well as other interested parties.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan contained polices on

  • community facilities
  • housing
  • the village centre
  • local heritage
  • green infrastructure and local green spaces
  • movement and transport

A separate Design Code was also produced and consulted upon. It will guide all new development to ensure it is of high quality and in keeping with the distinctive character of different parts of Wickersley.

25 responses were received to the draft Plan including 19 from local residents. All responses were carefully considered and a number of amendments made in response to the comments received, including those from RMBC, as the Local Planning Authority.


As required by the Neighbourhood Plan Regulations, the amended Plan (called the Submission Neighbourhood Plan) was submitted to RMBC to undergo its final consultation process before finally being considered by an Independent Examiner. The following documents have been submitted and can be viewed as follows:

  • The Submission Wickersley Neighbourhood Plan
  • The Appendices to the Submission Wickersley Neighbourhood Plan
  • The Wickersley Design Code
  • The Statement of Consultation
  • The Basic Conditions Statement
  • The Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulations Assessment Determination Statement

RMBC are now seeking comments on the Wickersley Neighbourhood Plan from 10 September to 25 October. Representations at this stage need to be made directly to RMBC, not to Wickersley Parish Council. They should be made using the Borough Council's consultation website


An independent examination of the Wickersley Neighbourhood Plan formally commenced Wednesday 1st December 2021. The letter issued by the independent examiner can be viewed here.

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