Memorial Gardens in Wickersley

Steven Shore Memorial Garden

The 'Steven Shore Memorial Gardens' are on Bawtry Rd, next to The Masons.

Steven Shore was a Wickersley Parish Councillors between 1952 and 1968 and a Rotherham Rural District Councillor between 1959 and 1968. He was a well-respected local figure and it is thought he was Chair of the Parish Council at least once. He lived on Bawtry Rd, Tanyard side in a house on one of what we now regards as 'service' roads.

The Memorial Garden was established in 1971 / 1972 at the time of building the new dual carriageway It was given a facelift in 2000 and had a rededication ceremony with a £5000 donation from Whitbread Brewery attendees included Great Grandson Marc Ridgeway

Steven Shore Memorial Garden - Plaque in context

Steven Shore Memorial Garden - Plaque

Stephen Shore Memorial Garden adjacent to Masons Arms

Martin Almond Memorial Gardens

The 'Martin Almond Memorial Garden' is located at the entrance to Wickersley Wood, off Wood Lane

Martin Almond was a well-respected local Councillor on Wickersley Parish Council when the Parish negotiated the 999 year lease for Wickersley Woods with the Warde Aldam Estate.

The annual rent – if demanded by the Warde Aldam Estate - is said to be 1 peppercorn and apparently Cllr Almond left an envelope containing 999 peppercorns to cover the rent for the full term of the 999 year lease! This is passed from Parish Clerk to Parish Clerk in the event that a rental payment is required!
Following his death, Cllr Almond left a legacy to the Parish Council of £50 to create a garden in his name at the entrance to the woods

Martin Almond Memorial Garden at the entrance to Wickersley Wood

Plaque at Martin Almond Memorial Garden

Former Cllr Martin Almond, photo taken in 1970's and kindly provided by his daughter, Jill Dunhill.

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