Local Democracy

Should I Get Involved?

As the tier of government closest to the electorate we’re committed to promoting local democracy and citizenship. In addition to making themselves available and accessible, our Councillors take every opportunity to inform residents about opportunities to become involved in the exercise of democracy and to make their views known.

Most people care about where they live, the quality of the local environment and the small things that we take for granted but are important for a good quality lifestyle. Getting involved helps us know what you feel and need. Better still, getting involved adds your skills and know-how to the parish effort.

Local democracy is a two way affair. We hope you take an interest and ask questions about the things that matter most. It’s helpful to attend council meetings, for which we have a ‘public participation’ item on the agenda. Wickersley Parish Council welcomes your contribution!

There are a number of organisations that can provide resources and advice:-

Local Democracy Campaign

The Local Democracy Campaign is about getting young people more involved with and aware of, their local council. Their website provides a number of ideas for engaging young people and there are a significant number of links to other relevant organisations.

The National Youth Agency (NYA)

The NYA supports those involved in young people's personal and social development and works to enable all young people to fulfil their potential within a just society. They can provide you with information and resources aimed at young people.

The Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA)

The IDeA works for local government improvement so councils can serve people and places better. The IDeA encourages people throughout the sector to share best practice.

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