Listed buildings in Wickersley

  • Wickersley Hall – might also be / have been called Ash House or Dunolie House?
  • Gazebo at corner of Wickersley Grange
  • 35 and 37 Morthen Rd (The Round Houses)
  • Barn adjoining West End of Moat Farmhouse
  • Barn at Wickersley Grange Farm – next to Wickersley Grange
  • St Albans Church
  • Grave stones to the Bower family approx. 10 metres to south of nave to St Albans Church
  • Remains of Medieval Coffin adjacent to South Wall of St Albans Church
  • Wickersley Old Hall - at the top of Morthen Rd

Wickersley Hall

The Gazebo at the corner of Wickersley Grange, next to what was The Needles coaching inn. It is thought that The Gazebo was where passengers would wait for the stagecoach in the the early eighteenth century when Morthen Road was the toll road between Rotherham and Bawtry.

The 'Round Houses' - 35 and 37 Morthen Rd

It is thought that No 35 was once a Methodist Chapel and No 37 was Styrings Sweet Shop

St Albans Church

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