Farming was an important industry and occupation in Wickersley, as with most similar villages. Our knowledge of local farms is incomplete so help from parishioners would be most welcome

There were several farms in Wickersley:-

  • Manor Farm, Church Lane - image below
  • Tanyard Farm - image below
  • Wickersley Grange Farm
  • Moat Farm
  • Slacks Farm

Manor Farm, Church Lane

Thought to have been built around 1700, it was leased from Warde Aldam. The farm was occupied by the Thicket family for 150 years and then leased to the Styring family.

Tanyard Farm

Moat Farm

Moat Farm, situated half way between Wickersley and Morthen, retains a large part of its mediaeval earthworks.

The Moat once belonged to the Rectory of Wickersley.

It has been suggested that a brook near the Moat farm south of Wickersley village marks the spot where Constantino and others began their flight in connection with the Battle of Brunanburh. Source: The Battle of Brunanburh and Its Period Elucidated by Place-names By Cockburn, John Henry.

Moat Farm was in the tenure of Daniel Clark, and the tenure of Samuel Chippox (Chipchase) before 1759 (when Daniel Clark was murdered).

Godfrey Bellamy de Moat was owner in 1781.

Robert Snowden was at Moat Farm in 1849.

In 1881 J. Lister and his family were at Moat Farm.

In 1927 a Mr. Gill lived there.

Slacks Farm and Slacks Gorse

Slacks Farm totalling 73 acres, comprised 16 closes known as Kingsforth, Slacks and Whinney Holes fields, they were formerly in the occupation of Francis Snidal, Thomas Turner, Henry Revell, Henry Downes and Henry Yates.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough, Archives and Local Studies Section hold Papers of R. J. Bentley's Trustees referencing details of Slacks Farm and Slacks Gorse
Attested copies of lease and release - ref. 86/B/83/1-2 - date: 25 and 26 March 1743

Messuages and lands totalling 210 acres 2 roods 15 poles in Bramley in the occupation of Francis Sindall, Samuel Barlow, George Spencer, Thomas Turner, Jeremiah Hobson, Thomas Ludlam, Henry Revell, Matthew Waterhouse, James Woollen, William Spencer, Gilbert Didsbury, Henry Downes and Edward Yates, excepting four fish ponds and a right of way. Total rent of £146 10s per annum.

Lease and release - ref. 86/B/106/1-2 - date: 5 and 6 July 1825
Property in Bramley, par Braithwell, Yks, formerly 16 closes in Kingsforth, Slacks and Whinney Holes fields (formerly in the occupation of Francis Snidal;, Thomas Turner, Henry Revell, Henry Downes and Henry Yates) but then better known by several names (itemised, with acreages) and all commonly known as Slacks Farm, totalling 73 acres

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