Cllr Sue Ellis

Cllr Sue Ellis

Vice Chair

Wickersley Parish Council

Sue was elected to the Parish Council in 1991

She has been the Chairperson of the Parish Council from 2009 until 2021. She is now the Vice Chair of the Parish Council and the Chair of Wickersley Community Centre Association.

Sue is a member of the following:

Wickersley Community Centre Association

Winthrop Gardens Committee

Human Resources Committee

Neighborhood Plan Committee

Woodlands Committee

Events Working Party

A Little more about Sue

I moved to Wickersley just over 30 years ago to start a family. What a lucky decision that was as it has been and is, a brilliant place for children to grow up in ,good schools, plenty of woods to explore and recreation areas to play in .

I soon realized that even though there was a dual carriage right down the middle of Wickersley it really was a village community, and I wanted to be part of that so I joined the Parish Council.

I think it was inevitable that I was drawn to opening up our woods and the gorse for everyone to enjoy , so I worked to put on activities such as the Easter walks in the wood, the teddy bears picnic , balsam pulling and the other events that we do

Perhaps the biggest achievement has been working with Cllr Peter Thirlwall for over two years to finally see the building of the community Centre and library that had been a community aspiration for so long completed ,and is now enjoyed by us all.

My journey with the Parish has been so rewarding and such a privilege

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