Cllr Naveen Judah

Cllr Naveen Judah


Naveen was elected to the Parish Council in

Naveen represents the North Ward

Naveen is a member of the following:

Wickersley Community Centre Association (WCCA) Finance Advisor

Finance Committee

Human Resources Committee

A little about Naveen

Naveen Judah

Naveen has worked extensively in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He started his working life with a firm of Chartered accountants in London where he worked as Senior Auditor before moving into the commercial sector.

In the commercial sector he held roles as Finance Director and turnaround agent for small and medium enterprises. Naveen was also mergers & acquisitions team leader for an American multinational across Europe.

He also spent some time as a Principal of Further Education College.

Naveen now spends most of his time working pro bono in the third sector. He tends to work with organisations working with the vulnerable, poor, disabled and marginalised sectors of society.

He is a staunch supporter of the NHS and is an activist both on the streets and in organisations

Wickersley Parish Council
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