Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) in Wickersley

Many people have contacted the Parish Council recently about an increase in anti-social behaviour (ASB) in different parts of Wickersley – Wickersley Park, Bob Mason Playing Fields off Sorby Way and the Tanyard being particular places mentioned.

South Yorkshire Police are the first and main point of contact for concerns and complaints about anti-social behaviour as they have the powers to deal with it. The Parish would encourage anyone concerned to continue to report any incidences of ASB to South Yorkshire Police on 101 ideally when it is actually happening.

The Police may have officers in the area who can respond to a call.
The more information that can be supplied at the time is also key:- number of individuals, usual time of activity, details of the activities of concern and, in particular, any vehicle descriptions or registration numbers.

We would strongly encourage the reporting of ALL incidents of ASB to the police as this will give them a clear picture of the activities about which you are concerned, the ‘locations’ of greatest concern and assist them to focus their resources.

As a Parish we continue to be in close contact with the Neighbourhood Police. They have confirmed that they are increasing their patrols on anti-social hot spots in our area and others nearby that are also experiencing the same issues and we will ensure that they are kept up to date with any information we have.

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